Are there any advantages/disadvantages to using StarSan over K-meta for sanitizing?

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Oct 22, 2010
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Are there any advantages/disadvantages to using StarSan over K-meta for a sanitizing solution?

I was told that since StarSan used acid to sanitize it might adversely effect the wines PH balance

Is this true?
If you use enough StarSan to make a pH difference, you would have lots of other problems to worry about!
Yes Star San is an acid based sanitizer, but as the Dr. says you would have to use more than normal to change the pH. Use K- meta, first off its cheaper, Its a multi use chemical for wine making, and it comes in dry form not liquid, so I think its easy to work with.
I use both, I have Star San in a spray bottle as it is a contact sanitizer and great for spraying on surfaces, however I don't like it for carboys because of all the suds you get when you shake it up. Also K-meta is already used in the wine so I little residue in lines and carboys won't hurt anything.
i prefer star san, u dont need the vapor contact to sanitize. Used both, seems to be better in my view.
I couldn't easily make wine without either. It is not a matter of which is better. Rather, it is a matter of which one is better in which circumstance.

As was already mentioned, StarSan is a contact sanitizer, k-meta sanitizes via fumes. Use each accordingly.

Sanitizing a carboy - Add k-meta, stopper the carboy and shake it around. The fumes will do a great job of sanitizing.
Stir spoon - Spray it with StarSan, give it 30 seconds contact on the spoon's surface and it is ready to go.

In theory one is supposed to let the StarSan dry on the surface. I never do. After I apply the StarSan and let it set, I also rinse it off before using... that's just me, though.
The fumes from k-meta sometimes irritate my sinuses and lungs, so I mostly use Star-San for sanitizing duty.