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Jan 4, 2009
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can i just add a cinn. stick to a one gallon batch of apple during the primary ferment? would this be ok to get a hint of cinn. in the apple? the recipe is reduced to a 1 gal. batch from this one
5 gal juice
2 tsp. nutrient
1/2 tsp. pectic enz.
2.5 tbsp acid blend
1 tsp. wine tann.
5 capden tabs
Cinnamon is strong and hard to control. I would wait till its dry then add. This way you can "taste" to your liking every 2nd or 3rd day. During the primary you cant control the "flavor"

thanks tom for the speedy reply. i was not sure if the cin. would over power the wine or not. so i should add just like back sweetening ? something was telling me to let the cin. break down with the apple and it would aquire a "hint" of cin. but i am new to this and your advice is worth lots to me thanks

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