Anyone else get results on their Carrot wine?

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Jan 4, 2008
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I started a carrot wine Feb of '09 and bottled it about 4 months ago. We cracked open one last night and I was VERY surprised. I taste-tested a little then asked a couple of other people to take a sip. I asked them what they thought it tasted like. Both agreed with the same thing I thought of. It tasted like a very smooth Chardonnay! :D I am very pleased with this wine, it's not at all what I had expected. I am wondering if anyone else has finished a carrot wine and gotten similar results? ?Now I'm hoping the current carrot wine in the carboy turns out as well . Here's the recipes I used..
3 1/2 lbs carrots
1 lb raisins
1 gal water
2 lb sugar
3 tsp acid blend
1/4 tsp tannin
1/2 tsp energizer
1 campden , crushed
1 pkg wine yeast

My starting SG was1.1

Clean and chop carrots into straining bag and boil in water until tender. remove and pour hot liquour over sugar and mix. Add other ingredients (raisins/hops in ferment bag) and let set 24 hrs.Pitch yeast. Stir daily and rack when SG reaches 1.040. Rack as needed
I followed the recipe with exception of adding about 6-8 carrot pieces in fermenting bag w/raisins.
  • Fermentation was slow and steady for 1st week.
  • Added oak chips for 48 hrs approx. 6-01.
  • Added gelatin clearing agent 7-01.
  • After 1 month still not clear .
  • Added Super Kleer 08/01/09
The only thing I might do different on this next/current batch is to oak it for 5 days.....

Is this a typical tasting carrot wine?? Or did I stumble on to some wonderful mistake that I forgot to document?? At the way my veggie wines are turning out (beet and carrot so far) I may just (GASP) forgo grape wines altogether...:<
naww...just kiddin' :slp
oh...and BTW...
I also made Carrot wine
I used 36#'s (for 6 gallons wound up with 5) of carrots sliced in a food prosesor and boiled. I then added sugar to 1.085. I left the carrots in during primary.
Mostly same as you except still aging.
Did you back sweeten?
Interesting that you added Oak.Not sure what you got in 48 hours thou. 5 days won't do much either. Try 1-2 weeks. How much did you add to the 1 gal batch?
Yes mine took a long time to clear also