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Jan 4, 2008
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I'm trying an Anise wine recipe from another forum (don't start throwin' stuff!!;) ) and I might have a problem.... This recipe calls for crushed Anise seeds and the only seeds I could find are from Mediterranean Anise and not the Asian Anise. Has anyone had experience with the Med Anise in a wine recipe? I haven't started the batch yet and would hate to throw out 6 gals of potential wine if this seed is gonna cause problems.....a 'bad seed' so to speak :eek:
:)D lol...couldn't resist...)Whaddya think guys??
Bein, I've never used Anise in wine but have used it in cooking, and we most always used the "star anise", If you were to use the star type I would probably seep it in boiling water like you would for tea. I'd be interested to see that recipe, that sounds quite different indeed. On a different subject, I cooked at a place where we reduced orange juice and star anise, thickened it with corn starch and served it with a snapper dish. It was quite good, but wine? Hmmmm? Take care.
That does sound good Sid :D
The recipe is from the forum.The author states she has used fresh dried anise , fennel and ground anise seeds with the last being most preferable for an Anisette like wine that's kinda what I'm goin' for. I wrote the author for clarification, but have not yet gotten a reply...I have 2 other batches to start on so it can wait a day or two....
Without looking at the recipe yet, seems like fennel may not be as strong.

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