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Oct 27, 2009
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Can anyone attest to the accuracy or easy of use of the Accuvin Free SO2 quick tests for red wine? I've found numerous suggestions around the web that the Titrets SO2 tests are unreliable or difficult to use with red wine.

I've used the Titrets for a little while, however, I take their results with a grain of salt. I used them to determine the free SO2 of a Chardonnay I made and determined that it was 40 mg/l at bottling... the wine was bottled very gently without excessive aeration immediately after testing and after only four months in bottle, I tested the free SO2 of one of the bottles in a proper lab and got a reading of only 10 mg/l. Luckily, it was a small batch so I'll drink up a little quicker than I was planning... no sign of oxidation yet, but a FSO2 level of 10 mg/l is pretty low, so I'm not planning on hanging onto this wine too long.

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