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Nov 30, 2009
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I received a wine making book for christmas, and it has a chapter on making wine from grape concentrates. Every recipe calls for a 96 oz can of concentrate of whatever type you are making (pinot noir, riesling, etc). However, it doesn't mention any brands for these cans. It just says something like "Your local wine making shop will have cans of concentrate". Well, since my local wine making shop is more or less non-existant, I am wondering what this is referring to. I know of brands like SunCal and Alexander's, but everything I see from them is 46 oz cans. I've never seen vintner's harvest do anything but fruit bases, but they are 96 oz cans.

Sure I could add 2 46 oz cans together and make 92 oz, but since they are so specifically saying 96 oz cans I am wondering what brand they are talking about!

Anyone know?
The brand is Vintners Harvest - makes 3 or 5 US gallons. It seems that a lot of US stores carry this product, but I have never seen it in Canada. I believe that Wade has used this product, and that there are some comments in the forum. IE which flavours worked well, which didn't.

I may pick up a can to try this year on one of my trips to the states.

You can buy concentrate online from Williams Brewing at williamsbrewing.com.
It's $56.90 for two 96 oz cans. Three bucks more and they make it a kit with yeast and oak and such. It's pretty good stuff and makes five gallons. There are four reds and four whites. It's a super simple way to make wine.

I've never seen any grape concentrates from vintner's harvest anywhere, but I have seen plenty of their fruit bases. These recipes are calling for grape concentrates.

Never heard of the williams concentrates before, but I bookmarked it, it looks like a decent deal.

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