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Oct 25, 2016
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S. Jersey/Philadelphia area
Jersey has been brutal recently! it was a non issue in PA. I was trying to find an old thread where @JohnT detailed his struggle when he lived up here. couldn’t find though.

Thru trial & error I basically had to train my muscle memory to take every little precaution. no wine stained paper towels left out. trash can w/ sealed lid. rinse everything immediately. fan constantly running. traps, tape, tightly covered fermenters. etc. But despite all that—at the height of the season, mid september, there’s no avoiding them. can’t even have an apple out let alone 100’s lbs of fermenting crushed grapes.

So in spring i still take the precautions just because of habit but a lot more relaxed. and it’s a joy.

Also- for whatever reason i’ve dismissed american barrels till now. lookin forward to potentially gettin one.

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