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Nov 11, 2009
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Firstly, I just discovered this site and I'm very impressed with the knowledge that is passed on, thanks. I enjoy the humor as well.

That said, I was wondering if it makes much difference if using just 1 heat belt between 2 active primaries makes any diff. I'm more concern with the fluctuation in temp . My fermentation temp is bouncing between 64 and 74 degrees. I've also use more heat towards the end of fementation.

My guess, is kit wine is fairly foolproof and will make no diff, but I'm a rookie still...........
If you are asking if you can use only one belt around 2 carboys... NO
One per carboy. If temps dip that much do it in living space
1 belt, alternating brew buckets 1-2 times daily.

1 batch 5 days older than other. Using belt more on the older batch as fermentation slows.

The Scotch in me prevents buying second belt unless necessary, hehe!

The Scotch in me is likely why I'm brewing my own wine (one of many reasons).
What temp is in your bedroom or living room?
I have a cold house. 64 degrees which is a little cold for red wine (and my wife).
A heated brew cabinet that will hold 7 carboys is in the planning stages.
I doubt the temp fluctuation is as extreme when the fermentation is most active as the process seems to create its own heat.
This brings up questions whether a longer cooler fermentation is better than a shorter warmer one or different temps at different stages of fermentation makes a diff.

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