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  1. Wouter

    What's a good process for bringing our plum wine to taste?

    Background How we made our first plum wine batch Last year we moved to a house with a plum tree that treated us generously with ripe and tasty fruit. We froze the leftover fruit (about 20kg) and turned it mid-winter into the beginnings of plum wine. Adding about 12kg (26.5 lbs) of sugar, we...
  2. Mango Madness

    Questions from a Newbie

    I've made about 7 mango wines now in 250L wheelie bins. After joining this forum I'm in wonderment at how there was anything consumable, let alone palatable wine made... Which leads me to my first question. 3 years back I pulled off a batch at a friends place but had to bottle it early due to...
  3. T

    Step Feeding Sugar

    Are there any detailed instructions on how to step feed sugar without using a hydrometer? Can anyone provide a link to a recipe or “protocol” for a beginner? Instructions that I can follow without measuring specific gravity? I’m interested in making fruit wines. But I have not bought...
  4. R

    Nortons in SW Missouri SG/Brix?

    I am trying to decide when to pick my first crop of Nortons (Cynthiana). I have no experience in monitoring these grapes (or any others) as they ripen. On September 19 my refractometer readings were about SG = 1.085; Brix = 20. I have been checking every couple of days since then, and there has...
  5. ringmany

    How much sugar for priming Elderflower champagne?

    Hi everyone, I'm making some Elderflower champagne using the 'Youngs elderflower wine' kit. The seller states you can simply add sugar at the bottling stage to prime it for making it champagne instead of wine. However, the instructions don't have the steps to achieve this, as it isn't...
  6. S

    expanding wine?

    tl;dr, I ended up answering my own question, so this is just a story now. Also, I don't currently own a specific gravity meter, and have been guesstimating according to taste, smell and sound. I figure the added accuracy isn't worth the effort when experimenting with one gallon batches. So...
  7. jojabri

    Great deal on Sugar at Walgreens

    Who among us couldn't use cheap sugar? It's kind of a staple, right? I was browsing my sneak-peek sales for the upcoming week when I came across this lil gem on Sugar. Next week (sale runs 5/18-5/24) Walgreen's is having their 4lb Domino White sugar for $1.89 w/ their in-ad coupon. Limit...
  8. P

    adding sugar

    Hi, we just opened our elderberry wine buckets after 2 weeks and it tastes dry and like vinegar, can we add more sugar and close it back up? I don't want to throw it out. thank you
  9. L

    No More Bubbly

    Hi everyone! I've just started my first ever wine from fresh fruit (strawberry), and I'm worried. My fruit order arrived 4 days ago, so I started on the recipe I'm using (by the way, I ran out of sugar so I used a few ounces of honey instead). After only 2 days of fermenting virtually all...