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    Sanitize soultion ???

    My package of K meta says 2oz per gallon, which comes out to be just over 2 tablespoons. BobF, why do you not use citric acid in your sanitizer for bottles? I thought the point of citric acid was that it lowered the pH, but nothing in wine will grow on it.
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    Cold stabilization of wine
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    Shrink Capsules......educate me.

    When I use them, I just set the bottle upright and put the capsule on top. I pinch the very bottom of the capsule and use a heat gun from directly above the bottle. As soon as the capsule starts to shrink, I let go with my off hand because it will get hot. If you don't hold it at the...
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    I've used my Buon Vino Mini Jet as a pump once. Getting the short little output hose off the pump was a bear. After that, I attached the drain hose to the output port. It worked OK (I didn't experience the leaking described above) but the drain hose is too short to be convenient and is a...
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    Fruit taste..

    I think most of those aromas are like the ink blots shrinks use, you have to actually look to find something.
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    How much yeast nutrient should I add?

    Sounds like it's stuck. I'm not sure nutrient will be enough to get it going, and at 1.002 could serve as a growth medium for unfriendlies.
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    when does wine freeze?
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    Yeasting problems.

    Ditto Also, I never install the airlock until after the lag phase , usually the next day.
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    Yeasting problems.

    I rehydrate mine per the instructions on the package. Some people make a starter.
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    Bottling in large bottles

    If you can get the bottles and the corks, and have a way to install the corks, I say go for it.
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    WineXpert Will it clear

    I've also read sources that say it can cause reactions. If in doubt, call the kit manufacturer.
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    Splash Racking - how much?

    Actually, large amounts can be toxic. Edit: Although I'd be more concerned with impurities with these methods.
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    Gravity before yeast

    Stir the tar out of it and check the SG again.
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    MLF Timing

    STOP, STOP, STOP! Do not mix MLF and potassium sorbate. It will cause a geranium stench.
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    Syphoning Pains

    Auto siphons are the way to go.