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    Nightmare Rhubarb wine

    Buon Vino wine filter works for me when its not clearing. We picked 244 lbs of Rhubarb and made it into several wines this past summer. Heating or cooking rhubarb makes a hard to clear wine for me anyway. Now i freeze and thaw to break it down seems to produce much clearer wine for me.
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    New Winemaking Setup

    Very nice i will be installing a sink in my make room this weekend, finally.
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    What R you doing today?

    Just finished bottling Mosacto and Malbec and now going to print labels
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    Welcome to the group

    Welcome to the group
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    Semi-synthetic corks?

    Not a commercial Winery just for personal use I have eight siblings my wife has 11 siblings we averaged around 65 people for holidays. $0.20 per synthetic cork when bought in bulk
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    Semi-synthetic corks?

    I have been using Natural corks since they seem to be the best value out there, but i have plenty of space to store my wines on their side. I would love to switch to synthetic but at 20 cents of more each its out of my price range i have been averaging 13 cent per cork, i only use about 1500...
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    What is The Best Nebbiolo Kit?

    The only place i dump not so good wine is the local camp ground the owner there and his brother will drink about anything with alcohol in it if its free and i get metal detecting rights to all their land.
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    Brew kettle for primary?

    I use a 10 gallon when i'm short on buckets, just have to get it into a carboy or air light container with air lock before it completely finishes so it wont oxidize
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    Who uses Finings or Filters fresh grape wine?

    I use Sparkloid for fining in all wines and filter as needed. I hate sediments in the bottom or on side of bottles i find it embarrassing, but that's just me. If i was the only one drinking it i would'nt care but i gift a lot of wine to charity's to raise money at benefit's and give it to my...
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    Aronia berry wine

    I would'nt know about medicinal properties, sorry. I freeze my berries then thaw, heat to kill wild yeast then crush with a potato masher, ferment for first 7 days on fruit then squeeze out fruit bag, be sure to wear glove as the must will stain your hands for days. Just blended some over sweet...
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    Making Skeeter Pee more Lemony?

    5 gallon batch
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    Making Skeeter Pee more Lemony?

    Well i added 1 can of lemonade concetrate and 1 cup lemon juice and 5 cups sugar and it turned out great, so good its almost gone i have one bottle left. I entered it in a town festival wine contest and took a 3rd place ribbon for it. my Black cherry sp has won 3 1st place ribbons and 1 best of...
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    Skeeter's Ready!

    Nice and clear i sweetened my 12th batch today, i cant keep up to my friends drinking. I entered a bottle of black cherry and a bottle of straight lemon in a contest last friday and won a 1st place for my blk cherry and a 3rd for the lemon.
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    Making Skeeter Pee more Lemony?

    I had the same Question. I was thinking a can of frozen concentrate, i have a batch clearing now and i will try 1 can concentrate with 4 cups sugar should come out lemony and a little tart.