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Sub Vet

Sep 29, 2007
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Two days ago I racked from the primary to the secondary,and today I have about 1" of lees in the bottom of the carboy.The next step is stabilising & clearing where the lees are stirred back in.My question is.Are there too many lees that was racked over from the primary,or does't this make a difference?
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One inch of lees is normal. I would hold tight for another two weeks and let more of the solids settle out then rack again. Some wine makers stir the gross lees (what settles out during fermentation) to add what they call "additional mouth feel" to the wine. I would not stir the fine lees once the primary fermentation is complete and you are trying to clear the wine. Give the wine a couple more weeks, more solids will drop, then rack again. If you fermented to dry, add 1/4 tsp of potassium metabisulfite at the racking. Is you have some residual sugar or added sugar to sweeten the wine you will need to stabilize with some potassium sorbate to keep the sugar from refermenting.