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Jan 5, 2014
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I was not sure which sub-forum to put this under so admins if this is the wrong place please redirect it.
I was wondering if anyone has a pattern for making smallwood collection boxes for harvest. I wanted to make a couple dozen boxes that could stack to be carted to our crush pad. We have a small vineyard (400 vines) and we have been using good grade buckets, which works. I just thought some stacking boxes like the old fruit picking boxes with our logo painted or burned onto the sides of the bin would be cool. Thank you.
I use surplus cherry picking totes. They stack when full and nest when empty. Unfortunately they are also $20 a piece, so unless I find them at a garage sale:?

Anyway, I bought these crates at HD.

I found them on sale at $9.00. Anyway, they work well, are sturdy enough to hold 20-30 lbs They stack aligned if you are careful. Could easily be duplicated or branded. I've used the same dozen or so for three years with volunteer pickers and so far no signs of wear.

i nest them in blocks of 3, one right side up, one nested standing on end, and one over the top.

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