Temperature correction for specific gravity

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Jan 31, 2015
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Does anyone see the need to correct your SG reading based on the temperature it was taken at? I see a lot of people on different forums talking about it. From what I can tell it makes very little difference in the range of temperatures i'm working with. 68 to 73f. I was going to modify my excel spreadsheet to reflect the temperature correction but it doesn't seem worth it.
I agree, it's not worth it. Actual SG is really only relevant for knowing when to transfer to secondary, to see if it's dry, when to Chaptalize, etc. Even then the correction is beyond most eyeballs margin of errors for reading the hydrometer and precision is rarely needed. For ABV, relative values are just fine.
I don't think you need to modify your spreadsheet if all you are interested in is the delta but if it's at 72F and reading 0.998....it's prob not done because it's really 1.001. You just need to keep that in mind if you are trying to compare any numbers they are calling out in instructions if you are trying to follow their schedule.
Also remember that some hydrometers are calibrated at 60F and some at 68F. Mine are at 68F, so less of a difference when temp is around 72F.


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