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May 23, 2009
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I started my first batch of wine on 5/24 a Winexpert Australian shiraz now on day 4 the airlock has stopped bubbling. I took a hydrometer reading today and it is 1.000 the original reading on the 24th was 1.080. Should I go ahead to the next step and rack to the glass carboy even though I am several days early but I meet the hydrometer reading requirements of less than 1.010 or is there still a small amount of fermentation going on and I need to leave it alone.

Some wines ferment faster than others. Yours are one of them. Transfer now leaving the lees behind and follow step 2.
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Although honestly there's nothing wrong with leaving it 3 more days and racking at the 1 week mark.

It'll help drop more yeast out of suspension too.
Well I left town so I ended up leaving it. I racked it today and it had a SG of 0.998. It smells great!!! So far so good. Thanks for everyones help!

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