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Nov 5, 2006
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I've been researching enzymes and was looking at how to increase yield when pressing whites for juice. The Information the Scott Labs web site regarding Cinn Free and other white enzymes was confusing, so I sent a question. To my delight, I received an answer within 4 hours, and when I sent a follow-up question, the reply was just as speedy.

Q: I'm considering Cinn Free for white grapes to increase press yield, and am confused regarding usage. The feature list states minimum contact time is 3 days, yet the usage instructions appear to indicate that the product is poured over the grapes prior to pressing. What is the correct usage?

A: Thanks for reaching out! With the Cinn Free, the contact time really refers to the amount of time that the enzyme will be active and "working." This is dependent on temperature. If your juice is 15°C (60 °F) or warmer than the activity will usually be complete in about 3 days, in cases when the tank temperature is cooler (-1-15 °C /30-60 °F), it can take 4-7 days and it's helpful to stir it up occasionally. This is more of a consideration when we add enzymes post-fermentation/pre-filtration. For this application, when you are adding the Cinn Free to the fruit before pressing or right after pressing and any time it has to work will be beneficial. If you do make an early bentonite add, just remember that will deactivate the enzyme at that point.

Q: I'm considering a cold soak for French-American hybrid whites, wanting to soak enough to maximize juice extraction, but not pull too much from the skins, e.g., not making orange wine. Can you offer advice regarding the soak time? I realize there is no firm answer, but any suggestions will be helpful.

A: It’s a bit of trial and error but I would say most people would allow for about 2 hours of contact time before pressing to maximize yields. Then after pressing, the enzyme will continue to work to release aromas and help with settling.

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Feb 25, 2019
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It’s always nice to find a vendor with courteous, knowledgeable customer service that also responds quickly. Seems so rare nowadays, it seems one gets the former or the latter but rarely both.

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