Pine or beechwood?

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Apr 2, 2019
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So I'm approaching the point where I need to think about bottle storage. I have an unfinished basement that is cool and humidity-controlled.

I'm eyeing those simple, inexpensive wood storage racks like this design (144 bottles):

I like that they're stackable. I would like to be able to stack another on top, and would of course attach to supports to keep it stable and from toppling over.

The big dilemma I have is wood type. There are pine and beechwood versions. The beech ones are considerably more expensive but I worry about the strength of pine and the risk of it bowing under the weight. What are peoples' opinions? Is pine good enough, or do I really need to go with beech?


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Aug 5, 2011
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O'Fallon, MO - Just NorthWest of St. Louis, MO
IMG_20190915_124623.jpg I have four of the model in your picture, all made from Pine. Not a one of them is showing any bowing after five or six years. All of mine are purchased, I considered making them also, but with the price point of around $100-$250, I decided it wasn't worth my effort and time. You come to a different conclusion. My first two came from here -

The next two came from ebay, search for 72 Bottles Wine Rack Holder Stackable Storage 6 Tier Solid Wood Display Shelves

The first two are a bit more substantial than the last two, but not twice as much and they are nearly twice as expensive.

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