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I have to reply to this! Our first wine, our own muscadine with cherry added, was "Icarius' Daughter" (constellation Virgo). Read the story of Icarius and not Icarus. We made another the same year that was "Your father smelt of elderberries.....merlot" based on Monty Python. Muscadine is always constellation. My current batch will be based on Orion but exact name not chosen yet. I also have an "Eye of ShiRAz" (kit) which will have the Eye of Ra on the label. The grapefruit is "Grapefruit, A bathing Suit, It's Good For Your Soul." I also have a Pomegranate Cherry with no thoughts of a name yet. It is all fun! My favorite fruits are peach and pineapple so those will happen one day. Next on list list is something strawberry.
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I make so many wines now that naming has become a favorite part of the process. I make all my wines names after wizarding world references. I will firstly name them creatively and then sometimes I will add an ingredient description. For example "you're just as sane as I am" is carrot cake or carrot spice dessert wine. I make all of my own labels on the computer, print them out on avery lable paper, spray seal them and apply. Below are some examples


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When you guys and gals bottle up a batch, do you give that batch a cool name ( creativity )?

I am in order going to try to make a strawberry chocolate ( in secondary now), a rose petal wine, and pineapple sparkling wine.

I am making these three cause my wife loves strawberries and chocolate, my grandmothers name is Rose and my mother loves pineapple.

My wives nickname is leelee, So i'm naming the strawberry chocolate wine "HEAVEN-LEE CHOCOLATE".

Grandma's wine is just plan "ROSE" (two birds one stone with this one ) :)

Last one is for my mom (Lucy). She likes pineapple and the first thing I thought of was pineapple should be a champaign. I don't have a cute or catchy name for this one yet. Any ideas for this name? Only thing that comes to mind is the song about lucy in the sky with diamonds.

Are these cool names? Any names that you guys come up with for any of these three, I would like to hear them . Thanks
Grand Rose

Pineapple Mousse

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