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Nov 30, 2009
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My first kit wine is a suncal beaujolais, and it is currently in the secondary. It's a 5 gallon batch, but when I racked it I did not get a full fill because of the sediment in the bottom of the primary, and probably due to some inexperience as well. So it currently has some space, about 3/4 of an inch below the neck of the bottle.

When I rack it again, I'd like to solve this issue, because I assume I will lose some more in the bottom again. I have seen people recommend filling from a bottle of similar wine in other posts, so that's one option.

I could also rack into a 3 gallon carboy, and then I'd probably have enough to fill another 1 gallon carboy and possibly 2 wine bottles. One pro of this would be that the 2 wine bottles would give me filler for future rackings.

Any opinions on which is best?

Also, one more question, I've never made a beaujolais, does it do well with oaking? I have some oak chips that I bought to use, but I'm not sure if this style of wine works well with it. I do like the oak flavor in other wines, so if it's just up to taste then I'd probably do it.
The easy way out would be to top up with a similar wine. You could rack into other multiple carboys like you said too but then you'll have to rack them again too adding to your work load with this wine. As far as oaking this style of wine goes it isn't usually done to beaujolais. But then again it's your wine if you want to try some oak use a small amount so it doesn't overwhelm it. Maybe try 1 ounce of chips on the whole batch.

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