How to Hydrate Yeast

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Jan 2, 2010
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How to ...Rehydrate your Yeast.

Once you have sulfited your must and added all of your ingredients it's time to add your yeast. Rehydrating your yeast will give your yeast a boost and increase the chance for it to take off and begin turning sugar into alcohol.

Start off by taking a small container and washing it in hot water to sanitize it. Do not clean with potassium metabisulfite. Place 2 ounces of water at around 100 degrees in the container. Place the container on a clean towel.

Open your yeast packet and pour all the yeast into the water. Immediately shake the container slightly for about 5 seconds to moisten all, or the majority of the yeast. Set the container back on the towel and leave alone for 15 minutes. During this time your yeast is waking up and will be looking for nutrients.

After 15 minutes has passed pick up the container and add to your must. Since the container was cleaned you may immerse it into the must to get all of the yeast into your must. Stir your must to mix the yeast. The yeast will begin feeding upon the sugar in the must and secreting alcohol and CO2.

For difficult musts you may make a yeast starter. Add a small amount of your must to your yeast/water mix for a few hours, then repeat the addition of must until your yeasts increase in numbers.

The yeast used in this example was Lalvin 71B-1122 (Fruit Forward) for a Crab Apple must. Use a quality, fresh and correct yeast for your musts to increase the success of your wine.
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