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Jun 14, 2009
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Hello Everyone There, :h :h

I was just wondering about one thing that how many Indians are there in this site that means we have 8000 + members now I even cannot guess how many there are. Please let us know if you are from India because if I want something then only Indian can help at last that means like I don't know were to buy carboys or does carboys can be found in India or not. :d

I started this topic because home brewing is very unusual in India, I myself never heard about this in last 24 years (my age), that why and u see user name don't always show that from which country u are from.

Thanks in Advanced Bye bye take care..... meet later :b
My dear fren, there is very less thing in existence which is not available in India. Carboys are available in Pune.
Wow Great to hear from some one who is from my country as well as ur country to.... thanks for replying, yes I have asked carboys here in Indore but some of the shop keepers goes blank when I take the name of carboy in front of them, they react like they have seen a ghost :h

Thanks for reaplying more help and talking is needed with u sir/mam :b

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