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Feb 28, 2010
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I'm making my first kit. Chilean Pinot Noir, I am in the process of clearing the wine. I don't see much of a difference yet. What are some signs that I may be on(or off) track??
Try looking at the bottom of the carboy. You should start to see a layer of pink show up as the yeast gets settled out.I usually use a flashlight to help see it myself. I leave all my carboys on the floor so I need the extra light to help see the lower half of the carboy.
I do see that. The wine looks basically the same as it has since it started, is that normal?
If you shine a bright light thru the back of the carboy while looking thru the front you can often see how clear it looks. Start at the top and move downward (move the light and your line of sight at the same rate). You'll probably see a difference over the passing days/weeks.

That said, I just bottled a chianti that was very difficult to see thru with this method. Now that it's in the bottle it's easier to see thru it with the light than it was in the carboy. It's clear but very dense and dark.
Yeah, I'm clearing the W.E. Luna Rossa right now and I don't know if I'm ever going to see a light through it. Shining a light on the side I can see a line of demarcation that is moving about 3" per day down the carboy, and plenty of pink sediment, but I can't see a flashlight beam from the other side at all, even at the top. I guess big reds might not allow much light through? Or will it eventually get clear enough to see a beam through?
I shine a laser light through the carboy. The laser penetrates even the "thickest" reds.
You are looking for the light itself. If you see a "beam", this means there are particles that the light is reflecting off of. You don't want to see a beam.
Over the next 4 to 6 weeks you will be able to see thru your wine better than from when you first racked it. Patience. Patience.

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