Help Please Added Potassium Sorbate to early

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Usually you add more sugar to get higher alcohol content, but there is a point, different strains of yeast can only handle so much alcohol before it kills them. Most go from 12 to 18 %, there is a super yeast out there that can tolerate 20 % maybe more. But usually your alcohol content is determined by how much sugar you have that the yeast can eat and convert to alcohol.
Stabilizer will usually not stop a fermentation in progress but it will stop the yeast from multiplying so it should make it stop earlier if added soon enough but this can also create a problem with the yeast and make it struggle which can give it off flavors and even give your wine an H2S problem.
After some research the banana flavor is most likely a bi-product of carbonic maceration... but that would be a completely different thread. Sorry for the thread jack.

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