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Nov 20, 2008
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This is my first batch, and definitely not my last. Had a neighbors peach tree getting ready to drop some fruit in our yard and I have always had a desire to make some wine. So Research I did for about 2 days and we got started. I ended up trying to follow the Recipe for some peach wine from the E.C.Kraus website they only give the recipes for 5gal, and I modified it as closely as I could to make it work for 6 gal.

Recipe Used and actions taken:

6gal batch: Approx 13lbs peaches, 13lbs of sugar, 4.5 tsp pectin, k1-v1116 lalvin yeast , local tap water, campton tablets (6).

Prepped the peaches with pectin for 24hrs

Added water, sugar, campton and let sit for another 24hrs
SG: 1.92 (actual, not adding any numbers for temperature variance etc)

Added yeast , covered carboy with cloth and let the magic begin.

Approx 3 days into it I was at the local brewshop,discussing what I was doing, and they asked if I had added any yeast nutrient and energizer – NO. they talked me into it, so I bought some and headed home.

Added the yeast nutrient per labels instructions added to must and stirred. Then Added yeast energizer, stirred and I had a Volcanic eruption.. Got it under control and cleaned up the mess.

I left the mixture alone for about another week, then strained out the must and re-racked with and airlock. New SG reading was 1.34 (actual, at 72F temp)

Approx 6 – 7 weeks passed and the bubbling stopped completely on the airlock re-racked again (sg was down to .96 /.97)..


2 weeks later that stuff was starting to clear up and look downright beautiful, smelled good etc. But the problem was, my right hand man in making this stuff was going to be heading to the local jail for a bit. And we wanted to try and have a glass before he got shipped off. I had read in a few places to accelerate the clearing process was to add bentonite, following the directions on the package I mixed up a batch and re-racked the wine, adding the slushy mixture and stirred. Instructions and other sources said it should be ready to bottle in 3-4 days after the bentonite was added.
3-4 days later it had completely lost the beautiful Golden look and was just about as cloudy as the MUST was for goodness sake granted there was a lot of sediment at the bottom so I know it did some work but it was still way too cloudy. So I figured i would try bentonite again, but this time I ground it to a fine dust and make a more liquidly slush that suspended the bentonite better in liquid. Re-racked the wine and that is how it sits. About a week later the wine is still cloudy.
Im really kicking myself hard for messing up that beautiful mixture we had to begin with. But now the question is, did I mess this batch up? Anything I could do to help it? Pour it out and start from scratch?

Questions, Comments, Criticism - anything would help. :confused:



Jun 6, 2008
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Well, all I can say is Campton should ideally come before pectin, but that's not your problem.
Notwithstanding your buddy's jail date, you rushed it.
Bentonite, like it/loathe it, in this situation wasn't going to work a miracle. Time was needed, which understandably you didn't have, but keep it in mind for the future. Prolly, for the sake of a taste before incarceration, what you had would've been good enough in the circumstance?

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