First batch of wine and wow!

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Apr 30, 2022
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I made some wine with Kroger frozen apple juice concentrate on my birthday July 16, 2022. Its a month old from start. It cleared beautifully and yeah it was juice so i understand why but just saying.

So this morning August 15, 2022 a month in and fermenting came to a halt at least a week ago. Thought i would try a tiny sip and couldn't believe how nice it tastes already. First thing was apple and its fairly tart too. I might add just a little malic acid but not much. Alcohol taste on the back end had a little bite but still not bad.

All I did was thaw the concentrate and check the potential ABV and thinned it out with water to 13% ABV and added lalvin QA23 yeast and 3/4 tsp of Fermaid O. Never needed to add more nutrient as the fermentation went strong. Kept it in the coolest room in my house and out of light.

When fermentation was complete everything that was suspended fell out quickly and the wine cleared right up. Yes, i did check the ABV and it was about close to 0 as it gets.

I racked it off and into another 1 gallon "carboy" (jug) and its very clean and translucent. About the color i started with, a light cider...

It don't get much easier than that. I like picking fruit and making wine like that too but im yet to try any of that stuff. Hopefully it comes out tasty as this apple.

This batch of apple concentrate probably just got my gut hooked into this hobby. Lol