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I'd be interested in how the Vidal turns out. Years ago I read about the technique of leaving whites on the skins for a few hours.
Folks do everything you can imagine with whites, and probably things neither you nor I thought of.

I have a detailed blog on my web site -- scroll down to the 10/20/2023 entry for pictures of how Vidal juice and Vidal fermented on the skins differ.

I also have a thread here that discusses everything I started last fall. If you have questions or comments, make them there so we don't muddy this thread with non-FWK wine discussion.
Ten years of winemaking and I've never made a Chardonnay. It's time for that to change. Do any of you good people have a favorite Chard kit to recommend? I've made a lot of FWK reds, but I'm open to other makers too. I'd appreciate any guidance you can give.
I have made the WE Private Reserve Sonoma Chard, the WE Reserve Australia Chard and the FWK Lodi Chard. All are good. I made the FWK and Australia at the same time. I have a slight preference for the FWK. I felt the flavors were a little softer, but similar. I had some friends taste both and the results were mixed. I don’t have tasting notes, but both FWK and Aussie are somewhat bright and fruity as opposed to buttery or oaky. I used the charcoal in the FWK and the color is similar to the others. I haven’t tasted all 3 back to back, but maybe I need to! IMG_0455.jpeg