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Nov 2, 2009
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Hi all,just picked up a kit TRUE BREW.It didn't even come with a instruction book.It came with bucket,lid carboy airlock hydrometer,thermometer,rack and fill kit sanitizer,corker and corks. What other equipment do i need as well as anything else i will need.Thank you for your help.By the way its a six gallon kit
any other equipment is optional/upgrade type stuff. you have the basics needed to get the kit going... did it come with a spoon or stirrer? that is handy. did u already get the ingredient kit/concentrate? or are you planning on fruit wine?
no it did not come with a spoon or anything to stir we bought a wine kit orchard breeze strawberry. I want to also make fruit wine
orchard breeze is an early drinking wine, pretty much you'll be able to bottle and enjoy as soon as it's done. maybe wait a week or two for the bottle shock to settle down.

a long stainless steel or food-grade plastic spoon or paddle - something long enough to reach the bottom of a carboy and also narrow enough to fit through the opening is nice to have on-hand. if you have an electric drill, then one of those extra long paint stirrers for 5 gal plastic buckets of paint is nice to use to mix up the water and juice concentrate very very well before pitching the yeast. it is very important to get an excellent mix of water and concentrate in any kits - an ineffective mix will cause striations or different levels of density and sugar content in the primary which will have unknown and negative effects on the final product.

for kit wines, a very good, basic beginners book would be Daniel Pambiachi's Kit Winemaking. covers all the basics.

someone else can prob chime in on fruit winemaking as i don't have any help to offer there.
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thank you for your help and advice i'm sure ill have many more questions in the near future