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Sep 1, 2008
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My Winexpert kit says I need to "mix vigorously" or some such thing when adding potassium metabisulfite and potassium sorbate and driving out CO2. It says I should do this while the wine is on the lees in the carboy. I don't have a Mix-Stir and my usual stirring spoon is several inches short of reaching the bottom even if I use it upside down.

So here's my question: Do most people just rack it into a bucket where the vigorous stirring is easier, then rack it back on top of the lees or what? Thanks.
When I started making wine, I just stirred in the carboy with the small end of the spoon. Mine would reach the bottom of the carboy, but I didn't hold it that low when stirring. I made wine with my best friend (who had made beer before). For some reason (maybe cause I'm taller :p ), I was able to stir the wine much more vigourously than him. Maybe you should be more aggressive with your stirring. Also, I have now found that moving the spoon back and forth rather than round & round seems to do a better job.

Yes, it is easier to move to a primary and then back to a carboy (some Spagnols kits used to recommend this), but I'm basically lazy and didn't want to clean anything extra. Plus often my only primary had something else in it.

Thanks, Steve. I think I'll just see if I can find a longer spoon or something to get down to the bottom.

I suppose I should just get a Mix-Stir, but I'm just starting out and don't feel like I can buy every little thing that would make life easier. (I still can't believe I spent $8.25 for the Winexpert kit decapper. The cap didn't seem that hard to get off and that piece of plastic couldn't have cost more than a dime to produce. Oh, well. Live and learn.)

Thanks for the advice, Steve. I think I'll just get a longer spoon. As for more aggressive stirring, I haven't actually any of this stuff yet. I'm just looking at instructions and anticipating how to do things.

Maybe I should get the mix-stir, but I can't make myself buy everything that might make my life easier. I still can't believe I spend $8.25 for a Winexpert bag decapper. The thing looks like it took about a dime to produce.

Another question concerning "Degassing" Can degassing be done in any stage ??? I have a couple of kits I'm working on right now and it seems like the degassing stage lasts for days if required as per the instructions on the kit. If I feel that I haven't degassed the wine enough do to not giving it enough time in this stage can I do it in the later stages of the wines development ???