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Jan 18, 2019
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On the label of Fermaid K, for example, it says to add a specified amount at 1/3 sugar depletion. Since some of my fermentations following this protocol have ended sluggishly, with rotten egg, I wonder about this. Say I have a high gravity wine that should ferment to 13%ABV. Then contrast that with a lower gravity beer that will end at 6%. Should I not add more nutrient in the case of the high gravity wine? Yet the instructions give a certain amount with no indication that it is dependent on ultimate ABV. I have had to add extra nutrient toward the end of a high gravity fermentation, to try to mitigate the rotten egg, and it seemed to help. But really, I was just shooting in the dark, with no idea how much more nutrient I should have been adding. Is there some rule of thumb to correlate the amount of DAP-based nutrients, or complex nutrients such as Fermaid K one should add based on current gravity?


just a guy
Oct 25, 2016
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I wouldn’t worry about adding more or less based on targeted abv. Your nutrient addition dosages are based off the amount of yeast used. Amount of yeast based off volume of wine. Type of yeast based off type of wine. So all that should work itself out.
Also, one of the rules of thumb for DAP is to avoid it towards the later stages of fermentation. It’s actually counterproductive when the abv has reached a certain point, and you’d be feeding the bad guys, not the good guys. Fermaid O is perfect since it’s organic and contains no DAP if needed late.

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