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For Sale Central Florida wine making equipment for sale

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Rick Davis

Jul 18, 2019
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Good afternoon wine makers. I have sold my house after retiring and in the process of downsizing. I have some equipment that I need to dispose of. Here is a list of some of the equipment I have:

9 x Six gallon glass carboy
~18 six gallon food grade buckets with lids (purchased juice from Pardo in Tampa)
Two fermentation buckets
1 stand corker
1 hand corker
various tools such as refractometer, SG and % alcohol hydrometers
various oak powders, chips, coils etc.
Packets of yeast, sodium metabisulphite
Siphons, stirring stick, wine thief etc.
3 x 96 bottle wood wine racks

I would love to sell all to one individuals. Please drop me a message if interested. I am in east Central Florida near New Smyrna Beach.



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