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Bottle Filling Machine

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Jun 24, 2009
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Vigneron / XpressFill has NEW owners who have spent the past 2 years completely revamping the machine and the company. Randy Kingsbury is a Professional Mechanical Design Engineer with over 25 years experience, and Judes Kingsbury has 20 years of Restaurant, Winery and Customer Service / Management experience.

Since the time of purchase, Randy completely redesigned the machine and the two put in place outstanding customer service. The company has upgraded numerous older Vigneron fillers to the current technology, have sold many brand new XpressFill bottle fillers to artisan producers, and now boast a myriad of happy customers around the world. The machine's new design is extremely user-friendly, comes with a digital timer and performs with outstanding precision - within 1.5 ml accuracy, calibrated at the factory. All XpressFill bottle filling machines come with a satisfaction-guaranteed warranty.

You can view a demo of their new systems at XpressFill.com, and reach them directly at (805) 541 - 0100 or [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] <mailto:i[email protected]>


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