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Apr 19, 2009
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N. Ft. Myers , Fl
We just finished making a batch of Apple Wine from Stayman Winesaps & September Wonder apples. This was 8.5 gals of must, figuring we will have 6 gals in the carboy, hopefully with a little extra after pressing to top off with.
1) wash the apples
2) quarter the apples. These were "smalls" only $8 a 1/2 bushel
3) core the apples
4) run them thru a food processor to a mince
5) put in fermentor. Aprox 1.5 gals of water with ascorbic acid in fermentor to stop the browning.
6) when at 4 gal mark I add the Petic Enzyme stir & put away till am
7) then we do it all over again. Used 1.5 bushels of apples (63ish) lbs.to make the 8+ gals of must. Also minced 2 lbs of raisins which was added for flavor & a little color.
8)add the rest of the chemicals & sugar. We shoot for a SG of 1.090+ slightly higher than many do, but I top off with pure Apple juice late in the process which dilutes the wine. You must punch down the thick cap 3 times a day.
9)when SG is around 1.005 ish we pour the must thru a straining bag, then press the bag in our wine press.
This makes an awesome Apple Wine. We have been making it this way since 2007 when we lived in the middle of Ga Apple Country. I know many purists do not add water, but really like it this way. We have used as little as 6 lbs per gal to as much as 10 lbs per gal. We think 8 is the sweet spot. We age it one year in carboy & 6 months in bottle as a minimum. Still have some 2010 Apple Wine that is awesome. Some of the wine is spiced with ginger, cimimion, & clove for the holidays. If anyone wants I can post the recipe. Roy. Ps looks like I can only post one pic at a time



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Sep 25, 2012
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Roy, what device are you using to upload your pics? They're all upside down :)

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