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Jun 12, 2007
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i am going to make wine for the first time . Its going to be a Cab. I understand that we need to add yeast nutrients. Can anyone recommend one or is there a best one? thanks for the help as always.. stevea

What is your Cab source? Kit? Juice? Grapes? If possible, perhaps you can ask the supplier what they recommend.

yeast Nutrients

Thanks for the question I hadnt thought about the type. I am making Cab from fresh grapes... SteveA
Wine Yeast and Nutrient Guide

There is a guide titled "MoreWine's Guidelines to Rehydrating Active Dry Yeast and a Recommended Nutrient Regiment" that and be found at under the link for MoreWine. It is an very helpful guide that I think will be worth your time to read. It discusses the types of nutrients and dosages to use. The guide as well as several others on wine making and additives is free to download.

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