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Sep 16, 2016
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Most recipes I have seen online say to add 1 packet of yeast per gallon.
I can only purchase a large bag of wine yeast locally. How much do I use per gallon. Like in teaspoons or tablespoons.
This is my first attempt.
That amount of yeast seems excessive. My first batches were 1 gallon batches. Used 1/4 tsp of Montrachet for each gallon (per instructions with my Fruit wine Beginners Kit) - those batches were fermented to .990 within 7 days. The kit was supposed to contain enough supplies (Acid Blend, Tanning, Campden tabs etc and 3 pkgs of Montrachet yeast) for 12 gallons. So I stuck with the plan in the recipe book included - all of them called for 1/4 tsp per gallon.

No harm in more yeast but why waste it?
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5 grams of yeast (typical yeast packet) is good for 6 gallons. 5 grams is about 2 teaspoons.
I read a post a while back from Danger Dave. It might of been on his Dragon Blood thread, I'm not sure. He fermented a 20 gallon batch of wine with 1 packet of yeast. It was kind of an experiment, and he was ready to add more but he didn't have to. The yeast multiplied to a sufficient level to ferment the entire batch. I'm not endorsing that kind of trial, just stating what he had said.