Aging Wine in the Ocean

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Maybe Im just being a pessimist here but how is storing a barrel of wine in wave break that gets exposed in low tide the same as wine in bottles being at the cold black unchanging bottom of the sea. I'm just looking too hard, cool experiment.
What a cool experiment! Interesting that “Tellus” was disappointing, but “Neptune” was a pleasant surprise.

We had similar results with our ocean aging "aquaoir" experiment. In this article, taste testers "confirmed that the wine was subtly changed by its ocean environment through a process of osmosis. On the one hand the wine lost some of its alcohol content, while on the other it saw its sodium concentration rise, adding a subtly salty note that brings out the best of the tannins."

Similarly, in our experiment where we submerged 48 bottles of our 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon in custom-made, submersible cages for 3 months into the Charleston, S.C. Harbor, we found was that the ocean-submerged wine was, not surprisingly, very different from land wine. The land wine was tighter versus Aquaoir aged wine, which is more complex and broad, more open and relaxed.

Both our experiment and the experiment in this article prove one thing - we have much more to learn about the fascinating wine-aging process. You can learn more about our experiment here!
This means the pores in the cork are larger than a molecule of salt.
Otherwise the water from the wine would leach out of the bottle and concentrate more.