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Jan 24, 2009
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Hi All

I was looking through vineco web site today trying to determine which wine kit that I would process next, I came across the vinterra 23 liter kits now they say that they are 23 liters of pasteurized grape must, is this pure grape must or is there water already added to this? they say you do not have to add any water to it,is this type of kit got more body to it then a 18 liter kit? could some one explain the difference.
Vineco says that their best kits are (in order) KR Founders Series, then KR Showcase, then Vinterra. The Vinterra kits were developed for areas with 'suspicious' water, so that people did not have to add water to the kit. They are mostly juice but not pure juice. I would expect them to have less body than the Founders Series, in particular.

I have made the Shiraz and Merlot for myself and they were very good. The Vinterra Shiraz convinced a couple of friends to start making wine. They couldn't believe how good it was. I sold these kits when I ran an FoP. The Pinot Grigio got great reports from a couple of customers.


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