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  1. Steve Wargo

    Is Chitosan an alternative wine spoilage agent? Some scientist say "Yes"

    I came across this webinar while searching for alternatives to Lysozyme and Malolactic Fermentation. Link to the video presentation that speaks to the antimicrobial ability of Chitosan 60-minute informational webinar that will include the following topics: Microbial control Alternatives to SO2...
  2. P


    Please help! I racked the wine into a 54L glass demijohn last week and at that point it was delicious, I tasted it today through the spigot and it tastes like sewage!!! Is there anyway to fix this? Please help. This is the wine I want to top up my 200L barrel with. Also, took a sample out of the...
  3. JCBurg

    I have a white ring...

    So I have two gallons of the same batch of grapefruit wine. One has developed a peculiar white ring at the top of the wine where it terminates in the neck of the jug. Anyone seen this before? Should I be concerned with it? Is it just some residual fermentation? I ask because the other is clear...