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  1. K

    Time to dump? Moldy?

    Wondering is there is any way to salvage these batches? They've been in secondary fermintation for a while, the longest around 2 years. Racked every 6ish months, but now looks to have growth on the surface. It looks like 3 separate kinds, but are they all spoiled?
  2. Y

    On the footsies of vinegar flies

    I've read countless posts in countless threads on this forum warning of the dangers of fruit flies landing in your wine causing it to spoil and turn to vinegar. To me this has always seemed a bit ridiculous, and contradicts a lot of how I think about about fermentation and microbes. What is...
  3. Steve Wargo

    Is Chitosan an alternative wine spoilage agent? Some scientist say "Yes"

    I came across this webinar while searching for alternatives to Lysozyme and Malolactic Fermentation. Link to the video presentation that speaks to the antimicrobial ability of Chitosan 60-minute informational webinar that will include the following topics: Microbial control Alternatives to SO2...
  4. P


    Please help! I racked the wine into a 54L glass demijohn last week and at that point it was delicious, I tasted it today through the spigot and it tastes like sewage!!! Is there anyway to fix this? Please help. This is the wine I want to top up my 200L barrel with. Also, took a sample out of the...
  5. JCBurg

    I have a white ring...

    So I have two gallons of the same batch of grapefruit wine. One has developed a peculiar white ring at the top of the wine where it terminates in the neck of the jug. Anyone seen this before? Should I be concerned with it? Is it just some residual fermentation? I ask because the other is clear...