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  1. O

    Sparkling bubbles but lacks in flavor

    I recently opened my first batch of sparkling wine that I made from a gallon of mulled apple cider. It has beautiful tiny bubbles, but not much flavor. I've made the mulled apple cider plain before and it always comes out great. I corked a batch early and champagne caged it to see if I could get...
  2. T

    Soda stream.

    Has anyone used a soda stream type machine for making sparkling wine? I'm debating between that and a full 5 gallon kegging system. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  3. thesocialwinesclub

    Sparkling Wine From One Gallon Kit

    Hi Everyone, I hope you’ve all done some great brewing in 2021. I’m thinking about making a sparkling wine out of one of the one-gallon batches. Do you know if the reserve juice bag has any preservatives that will prevent a secondary fermentation in the bottle?
  4. D

    CBC-1 or just continue with EC-1118

    Hello im making a sparkling berry wine. It started on about 85 OG and i has now stopped at 30. I have some CBC-1 which i wondered if i should pitch in to make it ferment down to about 1.000? I also have the rest of my EC-1118 which i guess would be my other alternativ. I have not racked it yet...
  5. J

    No second fermentation in bottle? (or a very slow one?)

    Hello, I tried making a sparkling wine of grapes last spring, which failled because only some bottles fermented a second time. I think it was because of the high alcohol content in the wine (13°). To get a little practice i tried again this summer with apple cider. We ran the same proces only...
  6. J

    starting a bottle fermentation

    Hello, we are new to winemaking, we made a batch of mixed 50/50 Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The wine is clear and we would like to try to make a sparkling wine from it. BUT we miscalculated when adding sugar at the start, so the alcohol content is already 13 vol%! Now i did some research...
  7. Intheswamp

    Can I bottle sparkling wine with my gear?

    Newbie Alert!!! Ok, I'm toying with the idea of getting some champagne bottles to bottle wine in. I'd like to eventually try bottle carbing. But, in reading it seems that the champagne bottles require different equipment than what I have. I have a Portuguese Red corker and a double-handed...
  8. Noontime

    Our sparkling mango is delicious!

    We popped open our fist sparkling mango wine over the weekend, and it was delicious. We decided not to do the traditional method and just throw yeast and sugar in there (figuratively) and cap it. So it was dry, but wonderfully effervescent and fruity. We'll definitely be doing that with future...
  9. waynemart

    Sparkling Wine by Adding C02

    Someone once told me that you can bypass the whole second fermentation thing by injecting carbon dioxide similar to the way it is done in making beer. The trick, I was told, is to get a wine that has a 15% - 18% alcohol level, pour into your pressure chamber, chill the container in a bucket of...