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  1. CortneyD

    Rhubarb Wine- Improving Overall Flavor

    Question for the rhubarb wine makers: my recipe is pretty generic (with the rhubarb volume upped by 20%) and yields good, very rhubarb-forward wine which I am happy with. I've traditionally used Red Star Cotes des Blancs yeast with the rhubarb and end up with something akin to a bright, punchy...
  2. Northerngal

    Looking for suggestions for rhubarb wine

    Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on rhubarb wine? Tannins, amount of rhubarb to use, yeast etc. Any successful batches I can use your tips & tricks. I have 50lbs of rhubarb that I am cutting and freezing this week. Thanks all! JC
  3. oppyland

    Rhubarb Wine - couple questions

    I have been gathering rhubarb over the last couple weeks to fill up my empty carboys, and I have a couple of questions: The amount of rhubarb required per gallon seems to be all over the place in the various recipes. Looking for opinions on how much I should use for a 5 gallon batch. Pectic...
  4. Northerngal

    Fruit of BC Wine Brewlog (rhubarb crabapple blueberry grape)

    To start with: 1800g crabapple concentrate (slowly simmered and mashed crabapples in water) 3000g rhubarb (frozen thawed, chopped) 2300g blueberries (frozen thawed) 2L apple juice (W Family) 1.36L "Blueberry Harvest" juice (Sunrype) 5.44L white grape juice (W Family) 60mL lemon juice "Banana...