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  1. C

    How long is TOO long to leave in primary fermentation?

    This is my first time making wine from fruit. I made from a kit once before and it turned out amazing, but I am now attempting to make from real fruit. I seem to be having quite a bit of trouble with fermentation and worry my wine might be ruined. Here is what has happened: I made my wine...
  2. C

    Blueberry wine fermentation guidance

    I am new to winemaking. I have made wine once before, but it was from a kit. I recently began making blueberry wine from fresh blueberries. I am currently in the primary fermentation phase, or so I think. When I added my smashed blueberries and sugar, I got my specific gravity to 1.096 before...
  3. D

    Primary fermentation stuck?

    Hi, newbie here. I have done a couple of batches from kits before, no problem. This is my first improvised batch of 6 gallons from fresh wine juice (not concentrate) shipped from Italy. Starting SG was 1.072. Added two packets of K1-V1116 (directly into must, which I now realize was a...
  4. Nova_Scotia_Canada

    First Batch Temperature Question

    Hi, I've just started my first batch of wine ever! It's a Chardonnay wine kit from Costco. I started my primary fermentation on Monday, June 25th. Everything is going well so far, getting bubbles in the airlock, but I have a dilemma.... I have to go away this weekend for four days and an...
  5. tokenmathguy

    beginner question - right after primary fermentation

    We made wine for the first time about six weeks ago. We transferred the wine from the tall bucket to the carbouy for secondary fermentation. I was curious what it tasted like so I stole a bit and it was kind of sour. Is this normal? Too early? Spoiled?
  6. Tall Grass

    DAP toxic?

    Scanning through a few supplier websites this evening and I ran across this and it has me wondering... I've been adding DAP (nutrient) and energizer to my wines right at the beginning (before sprinkling the yeast on top.) But, could that combo be TOXIC to the yeast ? I've never had any...