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  1. L

    Finer Wine Pinot Noir gone wrong?

    Apologies if the image is huge, although not a total beginner (am approaching 2000th bottle), have recently tried Finer Wine kits, particularly the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Pinot Noir, to see what the difference is between Wine Expert and Finer Wines. We really liked the French Cab from WE...
  2. tradowsk

    Film on my pinot noir

    I have a 6 gallon batch of pinot noir made from fresh grapes. MLF finished a month ago. I split the batch into 6 1-gallon carboys and put a different oak in each one. I looked at my Heavy toasted American oak one today, and saw what looked like a film on top. Smells and tastes fine as far as I...
  3. tradowsk

    Pinot Noir help

    I'm venturing into grape-land with some pinot noir grapes from a local winery. Looking to do a few gallons only this year to see how it turns out before taking a bigger plunge. I have a few questions: 1) Typically, I go for bigger reds (cab sauv, merlot, zin, etc) because I often find the...
  4. Diane Rudnick

    New Winemakers and Backyard Viticulturists

    We are Diane & Ron Rudnick of Liberty Lake Washington (Between Spokane and Coeur d’Alene ID) We are growing 50 vines split between 2 varietals: 25 Pinot Noir Precoce 25 Chardonnay Wente 72 We affectionately are calling our wine and vineyard CRAP Wine Cellars or -...
  5. mjenkins

    Best Yeast for Pinot Noir

    I'm about to start a kit (Wine Expert Eclipse Pinot Noir). The kit came with LALVIN RC212 as the yeast. I've used the same yeast before with different kits and have had acceptable (bronze medal) results. The RC212 seems like a solid choice but I am curious if there is a better (gold medal)...
  6. Dom Lausic

    MLF for Pinot Noir

    Good morning all, Just racked my Pinot Noir from primary Sunday night, and I'm getting ready for MLF, but had a couple of questions. I crushed 12 cases of PN to get 110L of wine. I inoculated the must with Lalvin RC212 yeast and added pectic enzymes for colour. When I was racking from...