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  1. winescribes

    A couple of office rats with a dream to make wine

    Hey all! Very excited to have stumbled upon this resource and plethora of winemaking information.. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and my story of how I fell in love with wine: Graduated college with a Finance degree and worked in San Francisco doing Consulting and Tech sales...
  2. C

    Should I stop fermentation? Should I bottle?

    Hello! I am new to wine making. I did a lot of research before making mine but am still a tad confused. I like wines ranging from semi- dry to sweet. I have 4 gallons fermenting in a dark closet with hand picked grapes from my husband's grannie's vineyard. I have used the large punching balloons...
  3. gethighonyourownsupply

    Apple wine/Cider without apple press

    Hi all, hopefully this is the right place and I haven't missed any relevant threads when I searched. I have about 1.5kg of (currently diced & frozen) apples I'm hoping to make into Cider or Apple wine but don't have a press. I'm hoping to make 4-5 litres as I have a nice 5L demijohn I'd like to...
  4. H

    Raspberry Mead Inquiry

    Hello all, I'm new to this whole schtick, and was looking for some pointers. I've only made a few batches of mead, one being blueberry and the other peach. The blueberry came out relatively dry and flavorless, but the peach came out quite nice. However, I'm looking for a decent method/recipe for...
  5. F

    New WineMaker

    I was wondering if anybody has tips about making fruit wines. I am planning on making a cherry wine and was thinking about oaking the juice. What is the ideal way to make a sweet cherry wine with some flavor and what type of cherries are the best for use? I am planning on making a white peach...
  6. Zintrigue

    Soon to be new grower from NorCal

    Good evening, folks. I know you're a knowledgeable lot, so I thought I'd pick your brains for the information I'm having a hard time finding solid answers to on Google. First of all, I don't have the space for a vineyard, I only want two plants to supplement ("tweek") my kits. I'm in the...
  7. G

    New member excited about wine

    Finally made it onto this site. My father in law - Rocky, who is a member, has been encouraging me to join for some time. He is the one responsible for introducing me to wine making. It's a wonderful hobby, at once exciting and intimidating. The more I read, the more I realize how much there...
  8. S

    Hi from Canada!

    I'm new to the world of wine-making and am hoping to do a little bit of experimenting since I don't know that much yet. I'm more into wine tasting than making it myself, but I'm curious and want to give it a go. Call me Sandy, by the way! I'm hoping tips on this site will make my first few...
  9. S

    Big Seinfeld "Hellooooo" to Everyone!

    Joined this forum via HBT months ago, and now recently have become more interested in bringing my wine making up to "all-grain" status. I have several kits under my belt and need to see what else is out there. It seems that kit wine is so incredibly simple there has to be so much more to...
  10. bdcl1977

    Japanese Prunes

    Has anyone made Japanese prune wine? I have 1 tree and there is about 10 to 15 pounds of prunes just coming in. I have only made 4 wine kits and was thinking I would try my first fruit wine with these prunes. I have 2 carboys empty and wonder how much this would make. I am so new at this I'm not...
  11. R

    Hello From Southern California!

    Hi Everyone, My name is Robert and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I am just starting out in this interesting (and rewarding!) hobby. I started a few weeks ago with a Winexpert Selection Johannisberg Dry Riesling to get the feel for making wine. Last night I added the stabilizers and...
  12. F

    First batch pretty darn good!

    Made a very small batch of wine - 3 big and 3 little bottles - with my own grapes (vines 3 years old) and own cherries from my own garden....with a recipe procured from a friend who allegedly got it from a "hippie" in the 60's.. Just water, fruit, yeast, and sugar. I made it in an antique...