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    Difference in Brix in filtered vs unfiltered wine (coffee filter)

    cabernet sauvignon grapes, stirred the must and collected a uniform volume. Took one portion through a coffee filter to remove fine solids. Measuring a specific gravity of about 1.096 in the unfiltered must. Brix is 20 for filtered must and 21 for unfiltered. In both cases pretty different...
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    Any issues with must from grapes for

    I’m new to winemaking and this site and currently on my second batch of wine ever. First go, I bought grape must (Cabernet Sauvignon) from Their insulation was superb and the grape must quality was exceptional. On a whim, I bought a pail from, 2020 Pinot...
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    Adding extra concentrate to must - can I seal and re-use concentrate?

    Had no idea how to title this question... I enjoy making the reds from must, we have a decent supplier in Montreal. However, would love to increase the body and concentration in reds, especially Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and co. I'm thinking of getting a a good kit (WE Eclipse seem...