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  1. 1

    Avante Yeast for Malbec

    I guess I’m partially looking for reassurance for my neuroses. I just pitched Avante into my California Malbec must. Think it’s fine for this style? (1.087 OG, 3.8 pH) All the recommendations out there suggest using another yeast for Malbec, and Malbec doesn’t seem to be a grape mentioned when...
  2. A

    My Chilean Juice Adventures

    I just started 3 Chilean juices and I want to share my experiences to help others and get feedback as well. This is my first big thread, I will update with progress and I would really appreciate any feedback you have on what I post. Here is what I have: Chilean Malbec juice 6 gallons: picked...
  3. Rusty Nesmith

    Six month mark.

    My Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are both reaching the six month aging process. We tasted them a couple of days ago and not too bad. I bought a Argentina Malbec and will probably start fermentation tomorrow.
  4. TikiWine

    Oaking Malbec

    I am just about to start bulk aging my Malbec kit. What is the best type of oak to use for malbecs?
  5. T

    Argentine Malbec

    Have 35-acres Malbec vineyards in San Rafael, Mendoza Province, Argentina. Looking to ship April 2019 harvest as 20,000 liters bulk or 1 Container of frozen Malbec must. Need USA contacts and partner(s).Maybe a Co-op of some kind. Contact Tom at [email protected]
  6. jburtner

    Chile - Spring 2018 - Malbec - Petit Verdot - Syrah

    Hi, I placed my order today for Chilean grapes from Musto this spring. Three varietals - 6x 18lbs Lugs - Chilean Malbec 6x 18lbs Lugs - Chilean Petit Verdot 6x 18lbs Lugs - Chilean Syrah I'm ordering CSM, D254, and L2056 for yeast and plan to co-inoculate w/VP41 (I have some...
  7. S

    Low original gravity

    I added the juice, water and skins to my Cellar Craft Showcase Malbec kit this afternoon, then pitched the yeast. About 6 hours later, I stirred vigourously, checked the gravity - and I'm BELOW 1000! I should be around 1.018 or so! I know I accidentally added a little bit too much water, but no...