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  1. A

    My Chilean Juice Adventures

    I just started 3 Chilean juices and I want to share my experiences to help others and get feedback as well. This is my first big thread, I will update with progress and I would really appreciate any feedback you have on what I post. Here is what I have: Chilean Malbec juice 6 gallons: picked...
  2. Rusty Nesmith

    Six month mark.

    My Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are both reaching the six month aging process. We tasted them a couple of days ago and not too bad. I bought a Argentina Malbec and will probably start fermentation tomorrow.
  3. TikiWine

    Oaking Malbec

    I am just about to start bulk aging my Malbec kit. What is the best type of oak to use for malbecs?
  4. T

    Argentine Malbec

    Have 35-acres Malbec vineyards in San Rafael, Mendoza Province, Argentina. Looking to ship April 2019 harvest as 20,000 liters bulk or 1 Container of frozen Malbec must. Need USA contacts and partner(s).Maybe a Co-op of some kind. Contact Tom at [email protected]
  5. jburtner

    Chile - Spring 2018 - Malbec - Petit Verdot - Syrah

    Hi, I placed my order today for Chilean grapes from Musto this spring. Three varietals - 6x 18lbs Lugs - Chilean Malbec 6x 18lbs Lugs - Chilean Petit Verdot 6x 18lbs Lugs - Chilean Syrah I'm ordering CSM, D254, and L2056 for yeast and plan to co-inoculate w/VP41 (I have some...
  6. S

    Low original gravity

    I added the juice, water and skins to my Cellar Craft Showcase Malbec kit this afternoon, then pitched the yeast. About 6 hours later, I stirred vigourously, checked the gravity - and I'm BELOW 1000! I should be around 1.018 or so! I know I accidentally added a little bit too much water, but no...