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  1. A

    Kieselsol & Chitosan not working - Could my apple wine have been messed up?

    Hi, I used Kieselsol & Chitosan to fine my apple wine after the fermentation finishes (about 2 months ago), but they did not clear the wine even though I had degassed it with drill, and used right amounts of Kieselsol & Chitosan, and temperature was definetely more than 70 F. I waited two more...
  2. M

    Brewing Additives Timeline reference for begginers.

    Hi All, I (like many other newbies out there) really have no idea when to add what, and what goes with what, and how much time I shall wait after I have added "what" (the element) etc.. until I end up with a ready to consume product. Therefore, I wanted to take the initiative to start this...
  3. V

    Good tip on fining the vinegar gag from a wine damaged by VA

    As a home winemaker, I've had to deal with spoilage due to volatile acidity a few times. Once I actually boiled the wine in question (VA is called that b/c it can be separated from the wine by boiling the volatiles off) but it was a total PITA. The final wine was a bit flat on the fruit, but...
  4. Sergey

    Preemptive Fining for white wine

    Hey folks, I am on my first attempt to make white wine (Gewurtztraminer) from frozen grape must. I ran across this article and it caught my eye. How common is it to fine grape juice before fermentation? Has anyone tried this with Polylact like they recommend...
  5. Mdrew

    Fining and reducing acidity

    I'm about to bottle my second batch of wine. It's sort of a blush wine from an unknown grape. On my third go around next year, I will try pressing the grapes before fermentation to reduce some of the acidity I can taste, and bring the color lighter. Initially I was planning on adding some...
  6. T

    question on fining

    I have a Cayuga from this vintage that remains hazy after one fining with Bentonite at 1.5 g/gal. It will be two weeks tomorrow and it shows no sign of clarifying. Would you do a second fining or just wait … and would you use powdered milk or gelatin … or something else? Tony
  7. jpuglow

    Add second fining?

    Hi all, I am new to using the Catalyst Fermenter, which has a trub to collect the sediment. This process removes the need to rack from one carboy to another. The trub collects the sediment. I have dumped the trub four times and there is a bit which still remains. I am on day 32. Advice...