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  1. Timbo619

    Using a Siphonless Big Mouth Bubbler for Secondary Fermentation?

    Has anyone used the siphonless Big Mouth Bubbler for secondary fermentation or heard of anyone using it? (https://www.northernbrewer.com/collections/carboys-jugs/products/siphonless-big-mouth-bubbler-ported-5-gallon) To me, it seems like it would be cleaner, easier, and more convenient to use...
  2. K

    Time to dump? Moldy?

    Wondering is there is any way to salvage these batches? They've been in secondary fermintation for a while, the longest around 2 years. Racked every 6ish months, but now looks to have growth on the surface. It looks like 3 separate kinds, but are they all spoiled?
  3. J

    Am I doing OK?? I could really use some help

    Hi all! I'm from the Netherlands and I just started making wine, I hope. I just started without learning a lot about the process, and I just used a simple step-by-step tutorial provided with a starter wine-making kit. I came up with this idea because two friends of me just bought a house with...
  4. Au7umnRa1n

    Test Batch?

    Hello all! I started a wine about 3 days ago. I'm doing it with a balloon and gallon jug just to test some flavors. Right now it is Apple Cherry concentrate with an added half a cup of sugar. I used Active dry yeast and hydrated it first. Now my question is that my balloon has already gone...
  5. T

    How do I taste my wine while it’s fermenting?

    If I remove the lid and pour it into a glass will oxygen ruin the rest of the wine? Or does that only happen if it’s exposed for a long time to oxygen? Thank you!!!
  6. T

    How do I taste my wine while it’s fermenting?

    If I remove the lid and pour some into a glass does that allow to much oxygen in to the fermenting wine? Or is oxygen only a problem if it’s exposed for a long period of time?
  7. R

    Fermentation Kit in 14 Days

    I have a Rose kit and the question I have is about the 14 day fermentation. The instructions call for 14 days but I'm at day 9 and my SG is 1.002. Two days ago it was at 1.010. It's dropped that much in 48 hours. Should I be concerned if I reach .998 before the 14 days? Because the way it's...
  8. Davielovesgravy

    Advice needed MYO winekit, when and what flavours to add?

    Howdy folks, hope everyone is supping well and staying safe. This is my first post after making my first ever red wine kit (first of many I am sure) and I am looking for some advice please. A little bit of background before I ask my question. I managed to get hold of two short dated red wine...
  9. V

    Strawberry Wine: Faulty Fermenter

    Hey there! I’m new to the community & this is also my first attempt at making wine. A couple questions: 1. I got everything added to my Big Mouth Bubbler and then found out the lid won’t stay attached. It keeps popping off. Will it mess everything up if I siphon it to a different 1 gallon...
  10. C

    How long is TOO long to leave in primary fermentation?

    This is my first time making wine from fruit. I made from a kit once before and it turned out amazing, but I am now attempting to make from real fruit. I seem to be having quite a bit of trouble with fermentation and worry my wine might be ruined. Here is what has happened: I made my wine...