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  1. S

    Dragons Blood - Oops

    First post in the forum. -- I am making my first batch of Dragons Blood. Primary went great, and at .990 I racked it into a 6 gallon carboy. Here is where I screwed up - I dumped in 4 cups of sugar along with the Potassium Metabisulfite, Potassium Sorbate and Sparkolloid . instead of waiting...
  2. Cellar Vader

    Dragon Blood-High SG

    OMG! Was very excited to start my first-ever batch of Danger Dave’s DB last night. Followed the recipe precisely, and waited 24 hrs to pitch my yeast (EC-1118) but my Initial SG reading tonight is 1.125 (corrected.) YIKES! If this ferments dry we’re looking at like 17% ABV? YIKES again! Was...
  3. Allie Geiger

    Dragon Blood almost finished at 6 days?

    My Dragon blood has been fermenting hard for 6 days. I have it sitting on a heat register that only gets warm. It is already under SG 1.02 so I imagine it will finish up today or tomorrow. It also is not very cloudy! I added bentonite at the beginning and I plan to add Kieselsol and Chitosan...
  4. C

    Degassing Question for a batch of Dragon Blood

    I have brewed my own beer for several years, but wine is new territory for me. I just purchased an All In One Wine Pump from Steve and used it yesterday to rack 6 gallons of WineXpert Chocolate Raspberry Port and 13 gallons of Dragon Blood. Both of these recipes call for the wine to be...
  5. dangerdave

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    DangerDave’s Dragon Blood Wine My name is David C. Land (dangerdave). I am a firefighter from southern Ohio who started making wine in August 2011. Like most of you, I began slowly, but was soon bitten by the wine bug and started making many kits in my spare time. After gaining this valuable...