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  1. D

    All my beginner winemaking questions

    I am fairly new to brewing home brewing and have made a couple of batches of wine, mead, and beer. I have some recurring questions that I can’t seem to find any consensus on and wanted to get some clarification. Thanks in advance! When racking and/or taking hydrometer samples throughout the...
  2. G

    WineXpert Degassing wine questions! Please help

    I’m on my fourth batch of red wine and I’ve read a book about home winemaking. The book didn’t really say too much about degassing at all and I’ve been googling a lot and really this is the only thing that confuses me at the moment: when to know when I’m done degassing. I’ve been using the Wine...
  3. D


    I just started learning to make wine. My first attempt was was a small batch of pineapple wine made from fresh pineapple and I have to admit it turned out very good. However, my experience with making peach wine maybe not so good. here's what happened; I let it ferment for about 4 days strained...
  4. purpletongue

    2nd racking / degassing and bung advice

    I'm wondering if it's OK to rack from my carboy into my primary fermentation bucket, which is large and easy to degass in using the whisk I have. Then, rack it back into a carboy after degassing is complete. Will the back and forth cause any issues? I figure there's so much air exposure during...
  5. M

    Very disappointing taste red grape wine

    Hi everyone, Your input really means a lot to me. I just need some clarification. I have batches that finally survived to 1.000 after a very long journey of cooking up and errors. I racked both into new carboys which eventually ended up with big spaces on the top. The whole story here. I...
  6. G

    degassing done poorly, should I rebottle?

    It is clear to me that I did a bad job degassing some wine kits. Can/should I empty the bottles, run them through the all-in-one Santa got me (early present, I've been good this year), and rebottle? If I go that route, do I need to resanitize the bottles or add more meta bisulfite?
  7. C

    Degassing Question for a batch of Dragon Blood

    I have brewed my own beer for several years, but wine is new territory for me. I just purchased an All In One Wine Pump from Steve and used it yesterday to rack 6 gallons of WineXpert Chocolate Raspberry Port and 13 gallons of Dragon Blood. Both of these recipes call for the wine to be...
  8. kevinlfifer


    Degassing De-gassing When I attempt to de-gass wine foams all over the place. I stir with a drill and whip for sometimes hours (stir 30 sec to 1 min wait 30 min for the foam to die down, repeat) I take a sample shake it in the cylinder and still get a puff of gas. Wine temp is 72-74F I...
  9. Tall Grass

    splash racking to degas?

    I dropped by one of the local kit shops to pick up a few supplies and watched an employee racking a bunch of carboys with a pump & filter and she was just letting the wine splash all over the inside. I asked her how long the wine had to go before the customer picked it up and she said the next...