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  1. Robin

    Dandelion Wine

    Decided to make Dandelion wine this year. ONLY one gallon. YIKES, it takes a LOT of flower heads which took hours to pick. Then I sat for hours separating the petals from the green backing. NIce to sit after all the stooping and bending. Good time to think. Just racked into a glass gallon...
  2. R

    What parameters do you prefer for your dandelion wine?

    How do you like your dandelion wine with regards to ABV and sweetness (bottled SG)? Also, when making the must, my experience is that petals give off different flavors when treated with hot water compared to cold/room temperature water. In the poll, select one option from each of the three...
  3. Z

    Beginner from Williamsburg, VA!

    Hello all! SO my name is Zach, and I haven't really lurked much on the forums here TOO MUCH, but I think I'm going to start after I make this post. I've been here a few times just to look for random tips (whenever Google sent me here) and it seems like a great place full of smart people...
  4. carmenb

    dandelion season

    It's dandelion season in Western Pa and I was wondering if it taste good. I have always heard about it but never tried it. Is it worth the time to make? :ib