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  1. J

    Mystic Red by Cellar Craft question

    I recently bought the mystic red blend by CC and i can't find anything in the instructions about adding the flavor pack - called sweet reserve. At what point in the process is this added? Or is it optional for added sweetness. Thanks.
  2. ringmany

    How can I improve my Cellar Craft Amarone Wine?

    Hi everyone, I've managed to acquire a Cellar Craft Amarone wine kit. This includes grape skins too. As this is going to be my most expensive and best quality kit yet, I'm looking to improve it as much as possible. I'm planning on fermenting as normal in my fermentor. Then I've got a friend...
  3. Dom Lausic

    Cellar Craft CC Showcase Lodi Zinfandel

    Hello All! Getting ready to make my CC Showcase Zinfandel, which I am very excited for! I've put together my plan of attack and wanted to see if anyone had some feedback for this particular kit/style. I've read through a bunch of threads, and the only thing I'm not too certain about are...
  4. Skibum Ben

    Cellar Craft Amarone (1st kit with skins and EM)

    Hello everyone, I am a newb here and will be making my 4th kit in a week or so. It is the Cellar Craft Showcase Amarone. After reading numerous posts on this site I am going to do an extended maceration for ~6 weeks. Below is my plan of attack and welcome any recommendations or suggestions...